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2008年12月、大阪府箕面市の桜井市場内に、現代アートのギャラリー をオープンいたしました。「市場」という、ごく日常的な空間の中で現代アートに触れることができる、ユニークなギャラリーとして親しんでいただいております。
 その中でも Zoneは異色中の異色。通路に面して壁が無く、エコバッグを片手に買い物に来られた方々が、いきなり目の前に現れる現代アートに興味津々といった面持ちで覗きに来られます。 




コンテンポラリー アート ギャラリー


中谷 徹
梶山 雅代

Shuichi Hashimoto

About Zone, Our Contemporary Art Gallery

In December 2008, the contemporary art gallery Zone opened at the Sakurai Ichiba (marketplace in Sakurai) Minoh Osaka, Japan. Since then, Zone has become famous among the people in this community as the gallery that has provided them an opportunity to see contemporary art.

The reason we opened the gallery in the marketplace is because we want people in this community to be aware of how interesting and accessible contemporary art is, even for people not interested in art. We would like to inform people on what we think contemporary art is through our exhibitions.

The Zone gallery, has no walls, figurative or literal, existing between public walkways and the interior of this setting, so pedestrians can freely stop by with shopping bag in hand to join in with full of curiosity, and have fun.

Everyday life space becomes art space. Art space becomes everyday life space. There are no boundaries between life and art. We would like you to feel closer to contemporary art in such a space and to introduce the works which meet our esthetic without the limitation of the genre of art: installation art, performance art, painting, drawing, sculpture and others.

Our gallery's year-round programming features solo and group exhibitions by regional, national and international visual artists. The gallery also promotes a range of programming including artist talks, openings, lectures and other special events. Gallery programming aims to foster professionalism and appreciation of regional visual arts practice, and provides the community with exposure and access to a diverse range of contemporary visual arts practices and theories.

We have created an art space with this new concept.

Toru Nakatani
Masayo Kajiyama
Contemporary Art Gallery Zone Director

コンテンポラリー アート ギャラリー Zone
大阪府箕面市桜井2-10-5< 阪急桜井市場内>〒563-0043
Phone 080-3106-3177
サンディエゴ オフィス 7791 Acama St. San Diego, CA 92126 U.S.A. +1 858-547-9250

Contemporary Art Gallery Zone
Hankyu Sakurai Ichiba, 2-10-5 Sakurai Minoh city

Osaka, Japan 562-0043
Phone: 080-3106-3177
San Diego Office:7791 Acama St. San Diego, CA 92126 U.S.A. +1 858-547-9250

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